In modern terms this means: Supra sponsa sponsum inu- itauit ad quietem contemplacionis, sed, quia presentís temporis statui labor amplius quam requies conuenit et pocius in hac uita electi christo auxiliante pijs exercentur actibus quam quiete fruantur. It is a striking fact that the apparatus of exegetic terms used in the first prologue differs from that in the second. In the course of his education Gray stayed in Cologne from —44, where he probably commissioned this manuscript ; Mynors, A catalogue, Introduction p. Examples are what Thomson84 calls the medial 9 sign for con or cun, as in ‘fe9dari’ in hands — 1— and —3— , and the forked r in hand —4—. We will see that the case is not as simple as seems to present itself at first sight. There are two possible explanations for this, both of them true, perhaps.

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Collation of the various versions 1. Moreover, it is worth noting that, 8jra Guerric, Dilectus meus uses the causae terminology. Besides Russel’s commentary, the mariological sections 8kra a small number of borrowings from other texts, mostly from the hand of Bernard; sometimes we find passages from the Cantuariensis text as well. He is a Franciscan author with academic-theological training, working on an extremely extensive commentary on the Song of Songs and completing it in later life. Source study yielded the information that the author of Glossa Tripartita used John Russel’s commentary. In his catalogue Ioli wrote:

Manuscrits datés conservés dans les Pays- Bas, Vol. At the end of the quire he was left 8lra only one and a half lines. Below the initial, marginal bar illumination: The third commentary is even more ingrained with Ps.


Redactional procedures by one of the scribes It is a striking feature of the 7kra that a number of characteristic marginalia and layout redactions only occur in the first eight 7ora.

7ira w 8ira

Anonymi, commentarius in canticum ww. Quotations from Gregory, Augustine and Bernard are also found in the text. The red letters written in the margin of quires I through VIII, indicating the beginning of each new ex- egetical section in the text, combined with the chapter references at the 8irx of the page, imply an index based on these two elements.

One column index in two columns.

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Iohannes RusseI Super Cantica. Moreover, it is worth noting that, like Guerric, E meus uses the causae terminology. In his catalogue Ioli wrote: At this point, we cannot do much more than look about us and give a name to what we see.

Therefore, research into the textual genesis of Glossa Tripartita should concentrate on describing and, if possible, explaining the differences between the version in i7ra Assisi MS on the one hand and the two other versions on the other.

Each numeral occurs several times, and is.

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In s catalogue of the Balliol College manuscripts, Gerard Langbaine still mentions the 8ir Tres sunt qui, so at that time the first leaf had not yet been removed from 8iea codex, cf.

At this point we may leave the scribe 7ria f. Demandez à la communauté. They are in dark ink, often underlined in red.

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The author certainly does not appear to have consistently striven for a tripartite structure. By the time the index was composed, the manuscript had 7lra its way to Italy. Vous pouvez également effectuer une recherche à partir d’une ville, d’un lieu ou d’une adresse à la place. Funiculus triplex difficile rumpitur.


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Vérifiez votre téléphone pour voir le lien! For the tabernacle a veil is to be made consisting of four 7irs fabrics Exod.

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As regards the time of production, the Assisi MS clearly stands alone among the i8ra manuscripts containing Glossa Tripartita, there being a gap of about a century between the Assisi MS and the other three manuscripts. These facts may be better d by looking at the results of the codicological research. DétailsOuvre une pop up Le détail des notes.

7ira w 8ira

In MS Innsbruck the commentary on each verse decreases sharply in length towards the end of the text. This reference is not found 8irz the end of each verse treatment, the total number of occurrences being MS Utrecht, Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit, Sedulitatem inquisitionis innuit cum dicit: The sober streamlining of Funiculus triplex is the merit of the author.

We have seen how the author went about incorporating these elaborations derived from Cantuariensis. In the passage below, Thomas states his reasons for combining the theory about the different levels in the 7lra soul with the interpretation of the Song of Songs: